Runner Passport Arrived!

Running the Boston Marathon is quite something. I have run three other marathons to date, but compared to Boston, these were tiny and not a lot of fanfare. Don’t get me wrong, I created fanfare of my own but the sheer number of runners signed up for Boston compared to the others I ran is spectacular. Just to give you an idea, I am in the fourth wave of runners (not counting the wheelchairs and I think elites are not part of a wave) and in that wave, I am in corral seven! My bib number is in the 30,000 range! That’s over 60,000 individual shoes and over 300,000 toes! One friend who ran Boston a few years ago said that when she got to the water stations, the challenge was navigating the thick carpet of cups. I’m still training. I am getting instructions from my coach now and expect tomorrow to be doing an easy 20 miles! I’m still looking for donations to be able to represent the Massage Therapy Foundation. Don’t wait, contribute here.

#BeBoston, #RunningforResearch, #TeamMTF, #ClubAwesome

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