Runner Passport Arrived!

Running the Boston Marathon is quite something. I have run three other marathons to date, but compared to Boston, these were tiny and not a lot of fanfare. Don’t get me wrong, I created fanfare of my own but the sheer number of runners signed up for Boston compared to the others I ran is spectacular. Just to give you an idea, I am in the fourth wave of runners (not counting the wheelchairs and I think elites are not part of a wave) and in that wave, I am in corral seven! My bib number is in the 30,000 range! That’s over 60,000 individual shoes and over 300,000 toes! One friend who ran Boston a few years ago said that when she got to the water stations, the challenge was navigating the thick carpet of cups. I’m still training. I am getting instructions from my coach now and expect tomorrow to be doing an easy 20 miles! I’m still looking for donations to be able to represent the Massage Therapy Foundation. Don’t wait, contribute here.

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Special Shout Out to the Massage Warehouse

Yesterday I got a treat in the mail. A huge box filled with Spa Pockets from the Massage Warehouse. Doesn’t that sound fun? Well, I’ll let you in on the action if you donate at least $26.2 to my run for the Boston Marathon with the Massage Therapy Foundation. I am chugging along raising money for this worthy cause. Now, thanks to the Massage Warehouse, I can pass the thanks back to you when you contribute at least a buck a mile to my run. Follow this link to donate in my name.

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Why Support the Massage Therapy Foundation?

You see, the Massage Therapy Foundation isn’t the only cause I support or believe in. I have been on the board of directors for a few non-profit organizations and have had the privilege of seeing how many organizations conduct business. What I can say about the Massage Therapy Foundation and its parent organization the American Massage Therapy Association, is that these are thoughtful and well-directed enterprises. From the outside, you may think that organizing massage therapist is a little like herding cats – but with the structure of the national organizations, the work is well carried out. This is one big reason that I support and am running for the MTF this year – and hope that you help me in supporting the Foundation.

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Spoken too Soon, Spring was Here for One Day – Then Left Again!

OK, I’m imagining in a few weeks we will be frolicking in the streets of Boston in shorts and short sleeve shirts. Looking at the forecast for the next two days gives us a few below zero here in New Hampshire. It can change – right? Tell me it can change, please! As far as that goes, I will still run tomorrow. I will also continue to raise funds for the Massage Therapy Foundation until no stone is left unturned. Help me get to my goal.

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Spring is in the Air, or is it?

We are coming fast upon April and last week just had the biggest storm of the season here in New Hampshire. Howling winds, foot or more of snow accumulation. Time to sit inside and sip a hot cup of coffee and contemplate life. Actually, time to go outside and log a few miles! Last week had me running seven miles of speed work just before the brunt of the storm hit. I was counting on lousy roads the next day, but when all was done the road crews here had the pavement showing the following day – surprise, surprise. In any case, I ran and I continue to run. Getting more confident, stronger and faster. Add to that increased effort in fund raising in my last push before the marathon. In April I will be attending the Massachusetts chapter of AMTA educational event to represent the Massage Therapy Foundation. Will I see some of you there? If you can’t make it, you can still donate to the cause here:

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It’s Late and I Will be Running 20 Miles Tomorrow!

Yes, I got my assignment tonight – another 20 miles. I knew it would be 20 miles again, my coach feels it is his secret weapon. Get as many 20 mile runs as you can into your pre-marathon training, and you won’t feel so bad at mile 20 in the race. I trust he knows what he is talking about. A few years ago, we were running short distances together. Now he has easily qualified for Boston and earned a bib for this year. My bib is earned by agreeing to raise funds for the Massage Therapy Foundation – which is where you come in. Throw me a few bucks! Click here for donations page:

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Weathering the Storm

Many people talk about the weather. While I avoid it in conversation most times, the weather does sometimes have a way of sneaking up. In the last week, we have seen extremes from balmy clear roads for running to about 18″ of snow hitting us with a blizzard that knocked out power and internet. Our unfortunate internet provide had their two signal sources wiped out with the storm and it took several days to get service back. Now I am back. I have continued to run. In the blizzard I did eight miles, thinking the next day would be worse. It turned out that the roads on the following day were clear and easy for a clear and easy run. All this to say, I continue to run, continue to ask for your support. I will be attending the Mass chapter meeting in a few weeks with the Massage Therapy Foundation. I will also be active in my own chapter meeting the following week – with auctions and other forms of fund raising. If you can’t make either meeting and still want to support the Massage Therapy Foundation click here:

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How Long is That Marathon You are Running?

To give you an idea of what a crazy running schedule can be like, here is my February completed running. This is where I hit the 20 mile mark, long runs started reaching 20 miles! Weekly mileage was around 50 miles! This is what it takes for me to prepare for running the Boston Marathon. Oh, by the way, a marathon is 26.2 miles. There are many stories on why that distance and rumors abound. Don’t worry if you didn’t know, I only recently committed that to memory and I have been running for a while now. Speaking of numbers, I am now at 11% of my fund raising goal of $15,000 to be able to actually participate in the Marathon with a bib from the Massage Therapy Foundation. Help me if you can. The Foundation does worthy work too and participates in community service with grants offering free massage to groups in need. Donate here:

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Training for the Boston Marathon

Training for the Boston Marathon, and living in New Hampshire, means some cold running. Yesterday, the wind chill brought the temperatures down to single digits. Layers and layers of wool and wicking fabric (no cotton), mittens with hand warmer packets, balaclava, sunglasses for the wind and sun and my Boston Marathon windbreaker (that’s a story for another day). There is also a balance between enough and too much, after all, running is an exothermic activity. I got out, did the five miles and was not too cold. Actually, I was probably colder later in the day indoors. Time to call Bill and Lisa up and check out their hot tub. So, I continue to run and will continue to write about it and my challenges. This is where YOU can help me. I am raising money for the Massage Therapy Foundation, an awesome professional group that helps out in many ways, including providing free massage therapy to burn victims and combat veterans through their Community Action Grants. Help me help them – help me get to Boston. Click here for donations:

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Blogging for a Cause – Running the Marathon

You may be wondering what I have been up to! It’s a long story, but we moved our business and home about one hour away from where we were currently established – all of that in February. This included renovations on the new space which are not completed yet, all for a grand opening on April 1st. Oh, then there was a wedding to set up, and a conference last weekend. Fortunately, I have been able to keep up on running and now can sit down for a few minutes to update the blog. I’m excited to be running for the Massage Therapy Foundation in April – perhaps after that is over I can sit back a little and rest – but I doubt it! Please help me reach my goal of raising money for the Massage Therapy Foundation and help keep this good thing going – which includes providing much needed massage therapy to in need populations through the Community Service Grants.

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